Why Use AMSOIL In Your Vehicle?
AMSOIL motor oils are synthetic lubricants that can withstand temperature extremes in an engine without "breaking down" like conventional petroleum oils.  They provide excellent protection at high temperatures and easier starting at sub-zero temperatures.  Properly filtered, they can outlast regular oils while reducing friction and wear for the best possible fuel economy and the longest possible engine and gear life. 

10 Good Reasons To Use AMSOIL Synthetic Oil
  1. Since AMSOIL is a synthetic, you now have extended oil change intervals up to 25,000 miles!   You can make your own decision based on your usage.  Diesel engines can go up to 7,000 miles between changes.  
  2. Your time is valuable to you - why wait in quick-lube shops?  Many users have gotten away from traditional 3,000 mile oil changing and gone toward 12,000 miles or 12 months between changes.
  3. Synthetic is environmentally friendly; there is less used oil to dispose.
  4. Your engine will run COOLER by as much as 25 degrees F.
  5. AMSOIL's superior lubrication provides better cold/dry start protection.
  6. Your fuel economy can increase to 2-8%.
  7. Oil consumption and poor emissions are reduced.
  8. AMSOIL's additives and filtration make your engine and gears last LONGER.  You may get an extra year or two from your vehicle!
  9. Our synthetics do NOT void new car warranties in any way.
  10. AMSOIL is an American made product. It DOES NOT rely on imported oil!  It is truly an All-American product!

Why Not Consider AMSOIL?  It Will Protect Your Investment For Many Miles.

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