K & M Trucking's Costs
Have Been Cut In HALF!!!

1997 Freightliner FLD120, M11+ Cummins
Engine used to be changed every 10K - NOW going 30K with AMSOIL'S 15W/40 Diesel/Marine Motor Oil and Donaldson Endurance Oil Filter ( filter being changed every 15K )
Transmission used to be changed every 50K - NOW going up to 250,000 using AMSOIL'S
 SAE 50 Powershift Transmission Fluid

Rear end used to be changed whenever - NOW going up to 500,000 miles using AMSOIL'S
75W/90 Long Life Gear Lube
Amsoil Has Put Maintenance Money BACK Into
The Owner's Pockets!!
How Much Do You Think He Saved??
PLUS - They got MORE than 1/2 MPG BETTER!!

K & M Transport, East Brookfield, Mass
Keith Mattei, Owner/Operator
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